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Time for Clear Thinking

On-Site Generation (OSG) of cleaning and antimicrobial solutions is an inevitable future. The processes involved in using packaged chemicals simply cost too much and pose too many environmental and health hazards. OSG solves those problems by turning ordinary tap water and salt into highly effective cleaning solutions. Learn more about Orbio® On-Site Generation.

Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group, is a leading innovator in sustainable technologies that provide effective cleaning without the use of conventional daily-use chemicals. Using the power of transformed water, the Orbio portfolio of water power technologies enables cleaning devices and equipment to achieve the same effect without the hazards or large environmental footprint associated with the use of traditional packaged chemicals. Sparked by the global success of its proprietary ec-H2O™ technology on Tennant Company’s commercial floor scrubbers, Orbio Technologies dedicated research and development teams are working to further expand the portfolio of water-based technologies, enabling new markets and applications.​​