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Orbio® On-Site Generation

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The Inevitable Future of Cleaning

Packaged cleaning chemicals that largely consist of water, dyes and fragrances are on their way out. A new breakthrough technology — called On-Site Generation (OSG) — is rapidly gaining the acceptance and confidence of early adopters.

OSG technology converts water, electricity and a small amount of salt into effective cleaning and antimicrobial solutions. It eliminates the need for many packaged chemicals that have been used for years to clean education facilities, hospitals, public venues, casinos, retails stores and other spaces.

How OSG works

Uncomplicated OSG devices, which are relatively low cost and simple to maintain, are connected to a facility’s tap water supply, drain and standard electrical outlet. Softened tap water and salt are combined and the mixture flows into an electrolytic cell. This water electrolysis process creates two separate streams — a cleaning solution and an antimicrobial solution.

Built-in sensors measure critical output parameters in both solutions to ensure efficacy. The solutions are then dispensed into spay bottles, automatic scrubbers, all-surface cleaners and carpet extractors for your cleaning crews to use.

Instead of a cluttered closet full of multi-colored, daily-use chemicals, cleaning crews have two simple choices—cleaning solution or antimicrobial solution. The OSG solutions offer equal or better cleaning capabilities, without VOCs, dyes, buffers, chelating agents or complicated dilution processes of conventional packaged chemicals. ​

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