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OSG - A Disruptive Innovation

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Remember when you used different gadgets for a variety of singular tasks? You conducted business from your cell phone. Your pocket calendar helped you keep track of dates and meetings. Your watch told you what time it was. Paper maps got you where you needed to go.

All of that changed — thanks to the smartphone. Now, you have one device that does it all. Most of us can’t live without our smartphones today. And we wouldn’t dream of going back.

The same goes for cleaning. A natural evolution has occurred. It’s not disruptive. It doesn’t add extra steps. It just simplifies your life. You — and those in your care — simply get to enjoy the benefits of safe, healthy, sustainable cleaning.


In the beginning, we used traditional cleaning chemicals. That is, until we learned they contain things like phosphates and bio-accumulates that build up in the environment and are potentially harmful.

Then, we became enlightened and moved to “green” chemicals. Until we learned they, too, can harm the planet. They have a sizeable environmental footprint caused by extracting materials from the ground, packaging, shipping and disposing of all that packaging waste. Packaged chemicals — even if “green” — pose inhalation or exposure risks, leave chemical residues and there’s the potential for over/under dosing.

Today, we’ve evolved to On-Site Generation (OSG). The evolution came naturally in the cleaning world. We’ve gone from big barrels of cleaning chemicals with low-concentrated cleaners to concentrates with dilution control to OSG, where there’s no need for chemical ordering, shipping or storage because cleaner is generated on site. OSG technology operates much like your hot water heater — sitting quietly in the corner, but instead of generating hot water, generating cleaning solutions automatically that are available when you need it.

OSG is the inevitable future of cleaning.


Orbio OSG systems use an electrolysis process to convert water, electricity and a small amount of salt into cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing solutions. Early Orbio OSG systems developed several years ago started out as large units designed with just one output and they required centralized filling. As a result, they were exceptionally well suited for cleaning large facilities.

The latest generation of OSG systems are designed to meet the needs of facilities of many sizes. The compact Orbio® os3 system is considerably smaller than early OSG systems and there are now two outputs — MultiSurface Cleaner and MultiMicro™ 200 disinfectant/sanitizer. The os3 system can also be deployed with unique, optional satellite systems across your facilities so you have convenient access to OSG solutions in all your janitorial closets.

Orbio OSG offers many benefits to you and the people in your care.


OSG simplifies your cleaning process, reduces the need for training and decreases the number of cleaning products in your process and carts. You can even transform and declutter your cleaning closets by eliminating your excess inventory of potentially outdated, dangerous chemicals.


Most conventional and even “green” cleaning products require specialized equipment, protocols and caution when diluting/handling these cleaning products. Nearly one in 17 janitors will be injured by a chemical burn, resulting in physical harm to the operator as well as untold time and productivity losses.1

With Orbio OSG, there’s no risk of chemical burns — and the Orbio cleaning solution doesn’t irritate skin or eyes. The cleaning solution generated on site is absent of harmful additives and it contains no VOCs that can irritate those with asthma and other chemical sensitivities. It also doesn’t leave residues on floors than can lead to slip and fall accidents. With OSG, the most dangerous thing you’ll likely encounter is the soil your cleaning.

1 Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network


Orbio OSG can advance your organization’s sustainability efforts and elevate the profile of your facility. OSG solutions have a very low environmental footprint, even compared to “green” cleaning chemicals, because there is virtually no packaging, shipping or packaging waste that ends up in the landfill.

In fact, generating cleaning solutions on site can reduce your environmental footprint up to 98% compared to packaged chemicals.2

2 Life Cycle Assessments conducted on Orbio OSG systems by independent third party Ecoform, LLC.


Orbio OSG is not an expensive technology. It’s actually one of the most costeffective options. The cost of ready-to-use (RTU) conventional packaged chemicals is typically higher than Orbio RTU solutions. By switching to Orbio OSG, you could see up to a 96% cost reduction compared to conventional packaged chemicals.3

3 Orbio On-Site Generation Insights – Cost per RTU Gallon Comparison – Orbio os3 Solutions vs. Packaged Chemicals. Includes all consumables and wear parts over a five-year period.


Read our case studies with facilities that have already made the switch to Orbio OSG.

Watch videos that show the advantages of Orbio OSG.

See our third party evidence — including Green Seal™ GS-37 certification.


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